VoxDev is a platform for economists, policy makers, practitioners, donors, the private sector and others interested in development to discuss key policy issues. Expert contributors provide insightful commentary, analysis, and evidence on a wide range of policy challenges in formats that are accessible to a wide audience interested in development.

The platform aims to put evidence from decades of academic research into the hands of decision-makers and civil society in developing countries in a way that they can be easily accessed and actually put to use, ultimately encouraging the design and implementation of more evidence-based policy.

Page templates

Home and Article page.

Audio, Search, Authors and Profile pages.

Cascading page visual hierarchy

Due to the large number of different level landing pages, a visual hierarchy system was designed to allow users to identify cascaded levels. To achieve this, image sizes at the banner area were used as non-explicit level indicators.

Search functionality

A cross reference search system was designed to better accommodate the large wealth of content as well as future proof the search, taking into account future content and section creation.

A 'content type' filter menu was introduced at the top of the page, which effectively allows users to narrow down the 'content pool' in which they would like to filter results down.

User interface functionality

We designed a fluid, full width, main navigation pattern which progressively collapses links which don't fit in the browser width under a menu button. This priority based approach re-enforces a 'content prioritisation' logic, allowed us to link specific content with user needs and business goals. It also enabled the development team to use the same menu code across the site, irrespective of page width, keeping the code base smaller and allowing faster page loads.


We designed a full set of wireframes when deciding on content placement, in-page information architecture and pattern functionality.

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