Future Climate for Africa digital publication

The Future Climate for Africa report, Africa’s climate: Helping decision-makers make sense of climate information, is designed as a guide for scientists, policy-makers, and practitioners on the continent."

The FCFA report uses a product designed and developed at Soapbox which allows Adobe InDesign documents to be publishing in a digital and interactive format through the click of a button.

Chapter selection screen

Chapter selection functionality

The map on the left corresponds to the chapter titles on the right. Any hover action highlights its equivalent on the other side thus contextualising geographical location of the countries the report is based on.

Chapter page layout

When landing on a chapter page, a left hand side menu provides access to users to all other chapters in that section as well as anchor links to specific headings on the page.

Side chapter functionality

When users scroll down the chapter page a chapter navigation bar appears fixed at the top of the page.

Search functionality

The search functionality highlights the keywords typed in the field within the page. Directional arrows allow the selection of the highlighted text.

Footnote functionality

When users click on a footnote marker within the text, the page fades out and the footnote text slides up at the bottom of the page.

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