The British Green Party

I was approached in early 2015 by the British Green Party candidate for Tottenham, Dee Searle, to provide consultation services for their local digital communication channels and design print communications that will enable the party to expand its reach to a younger audience.

The party run a successful local comms campaign which saw it taking a strong 3rd place in Tottenham, up from 5th during the previous election in 2010, securing 9.2% of the vote. The campaign saw a fourfold increase in number of Green votes, from 980 to 3931. The positive outcome suggests the establishment of an effective local Green presence and indicates the party as the main progressive alternative in the area.

Campaign flyers

I designed a series of print communications, planned for a staggered release at set intervals to coincide with the central party free-post communications campaign.

The style of the artwork was broadly based on the party brand guidelines with a slight off-style layout approach to make it stand out when viewed next to any competitor's print literature.

Campaign poster

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