Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative

The Swedish International Agriculture Network Initiative, SIANI is an open and inclusive network that supports and promotes multisector dialogue and action around the vision of sustainable agriculture for food security, improving nutrition and the eradication of hunger.

Their work is aligned with Agenda 2030 and in particular with Sustainable Development Goal 2. SIANI believes that agriculture matters.

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Home and top level landing page.

Event, Video, Member subscription and Profile pages.


As part of the deliverables we created a basic styleguide which describes iconography, typography and colour usage.


We designed a set of bespoke icons that were used to better indicate specific content and actions.


We created a typographic cascade page which describes font usage that meets WCAG level AAA.


As part of the project we created a colour system based on the original brand colours which meets WCAG level AA.


We provided basic guidelines on how the main colours should be used in order to maintain the desired colour accessibility level.

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