George Tsolpakis

Athens, Greece

During my career I have worked on a number of projects; from strategy, UX, product, and typography, to publishing, print, and branding.

I love all things digital, systems, typography, coffee, anime and theoretical physics. I like to 'type up' my thoughts on design and always look for alternative perspectives on my insights and musings.

My approach to design is data-driven, evidence-based and user centred – keeping the user at the heart of the process while meeting organisational and business needs. I am absolutely fascinated by systems and like to explore how they apply to digital experiences. I am a fierce advocate of inclusive, accessible design and always aim to provide optimal experiences for all users.

And even though my days can sometimes feel mad-busy, if you have any interesting project in the pipeline and you are in need of a designer I would be very keen to hear all about it. So don't hesitate, reach out and say 'Hello'.